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          Paul F. Tice, PA, EA

          Barbara Tice Kindig, PA

          James F. Tice, EA


Our Services

     Tax Services

          Tax Planning

          Tax Preparation

          Tax Problem Resolution

               IRS Audit Representation

               Non-Filed Tax Returns

               Back Taxes Owed

               Payroll Tax Problems

               IRS Liens

               IRS Levies

               IRS Wage Garnishment

               IRS Seizures

               Offer In Compromise

               IRS Payment Plan


               Innocent Spouse Relief

               Get Your IRS File

     Business Services



          Financial Statements - Compilation, Review, & Audited

          Auditing - Audited Financial Statements

          Cash Flow Management

          Fiduciary Accounting

          Business Succession Planning

          Entity Choice

          Non-Profit Organization Set-Ups

          QuickBooks Consulting and Assistance

     Services For Individuals

          Personal Financial Statements

          Estate Planning

          Elder Care

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