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Fiduciary Accounting Services

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A Fiduciary Accounting is a detailed report of all the transactions within a Trust, Estate, or Conservatorship.  The transactions are presented in a specific format supported by certain schedules to meet the Pennsylvania Probate Code.

We can assist you with:

  • Determining assets on hand at the establishment of trust or conservatorship

  • Preparing the summary and all necessary schedules within the accounting

  • Allocate assets and transactions among beneficiaries and prepare distribution schedules

  • Identifying trust expenses

  • Allocating transactions between principal and income


We also offer consultation services with individual trustees or conservators to set up appropriate and complete financial records.

We can assist you with:

  • Guiding trustees/conservators on the proper allocation of trust expenses

  • Maintaining proper financial records

  • Gathering and sorting of financial information to prepare court accountings

Accountings are generally recommended for the following:

  • A Conservatorship or Probate Estate

  • A Trust or Estate which has significant assets

  • A Trust or Estate which is complex, maintains business operations or unusual expenses or payments

  • A Trust or Estate with pending legal action or mediation

  • A Trustee who wants to reduce the trustee's liability exposure

  • Upon the request of a trust or estate beneficiary

  • Upon the termination or change in Trustee or Executor

  • When there is potential dispute among beneficiaries.