Tice Associates, P.C. P.A.'s

1709 W. Market Street

York, PA 17404



Tice Associates, P.C. P.A.'s

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Tice Associates, P.C. – Public Accountants is a modest sized public accounting firm licensed to practice in Pennsylvania located at 1709 West Market Street in York, Pennsylvania, in the heart of West York Borough.  Our staff is made up of full time and part time employees who work hard to keep up with the ever changing tax laws and computer methods that shape our lives and businesses.  Most of our full time staff receive at least 40 hours of continuing education each year in order to stay in focus with current tax laws and accounting methods.  Our firm undergoes an extensive peer review so that it may continue to offer auditing services.  Our founder started a small tax and accounting practice over fifty five years ago that has grown today to 1100 clients located in 14 counties of Pennsylvania and Maryland and 17 other states.  Each week we help individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations with tax problems, accounting, and problem solutions.  We pride ourselves in doing a good job, helping our clients through the tax maze of federal, state, and local tax forms, giving solutions and guidance so small businesses can grow and prosper, and providing necessary accounting and computer services to make client’s lives more stress free. 


Give us a try and let our family take care of your family.


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Tice Associates, P.C.
Public Accountants
1709 W. Market St.   York, PA   17404
Phone:  717-843-9572   Fax:  717-845-1590
E-Mail:  tax@ticeassociates.com